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11 nya Steg 4-tränare diplomerade

2017-09-14 09:16
Steg 4’s avgångsklass 2017 hade sin sista träff i samband med EM- slutspelet i Helsingfors. Kursen började i Stockholm i september 2016 där landslagsverksamheten stod i fokus. Sammanlagt har gruppen träffats vid fem tillfällen.
  • Uppdaterad: 2017-11-15 22:23

Block 1: 12-15 september 2016                   
Att bli medveten coach//inblick i landslagsverksamheten Sverige- Bosnien

Block 2: 23-28 november 2016                   
Coaching/Ledarskap- Real Madrid                  

Block 3: 2-8 januari 2017                   
Talangutveckling och prestation i USA, Boston Celtics                                        

Block 4: 15-20 juni 2017                    
EM Damer i Tjeckien Se de bästa                    

Block 5: 30 augusti - 5 september 2017                   
Coaching/Taktik- EM Gruppspel  Herrar i Finland

Till varje tillfälle har deltagarna planerat flera olika basketuppgifter. Under träffarna har coaching, ledarskap och scouting varit återkommande frågor att arbeta med. Den stora uppgiften har varit att skriva sin basketfilosofi. Ett arbete deltagarna började med i augusti 2016 och avslutade på Block 5 med att presentera den för resten av gruppen.
Ni kan läsa dessa filosofier om ni följer länken här.

Under Diplommiddagen höll Alberto Garcia ett mycket uppskattat tal till gruppen. Ni kan läsa talet nedan:

"I have to say that I was a little skeptical when I starter Step 4 but still very interested in seeing what I could get out of the course and excited for the experience. Now that is over I can say that there was 2 things that I absolutely loved from this course:

First was the philosophy assignment where we really had to reflect in how we do things as coaches and why.

Second was the great humans involved in this course. Someone said the other day that this was a great group because we all are different but we get along with each other no problem and I agree 100%, and it isn't that common that I agree with a Swedish guy that easy!!! ;)

As a good Spaniard, after the crisis we had in the country I am pretty poor but I am very lucky to be in this course cause I am richer now after I spent this time with all of you guys because:

I got charisma from Jim.
I got perseverance from Olle.
I got wisdom from Vischer.
I got respect and joy from Micke.
I got enthusiasm from Peter.
I got passion from Srdjan.
I got game IQ from Adnan.
I got management skills from McCann.
I got the "basketball freak" from Kevin Gaines.
I got the "I don't care what people think of me" from Jeremy.
I got the accountability from TJ.
I got ambition from Robin.
I got basketball obsession from Kevin Taylor.

The bounding within the members of this group, putting differences on a side and willing to listen and cooperate in order to learn from each other should serve as an example for all of Swedish Basketball.

I will tell you now not goodbye but see you soon on the basketball court and thank you for this experience."

Diplom (Steg 4) 2017
Alberto Garcia
Adnan Chuk
Kevin Taylor Lundgren
Peter Grinbergs Anell
Srdjan Klinac
Jeremy Lou
Thomas Jackson
Mikael Eriksson
David Visscher*
Kevin Gaines
Robin Sandberg

*David Visscher kunde inte medverka på diplommiddagen

Skribent: Olle Lundén
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