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06 FEB 2015 15:42
Vikings host Jämtland on friday night
  • Skapad: 06 FEB 2015 15:42

Solna Vikings wait for Friday night´s game with big excitement. Last time Jämtland were here they were able to take the win back to Östersund after a tough 2p win.

A lot has changed after that night, but still Solna Vikings would like to “correct” the last home game loss and this time win.

For the Vikings team there is confidence and belief in their game. Last Tuesday night´s game against Uppsala showed that we found some good things that could bring us wins in the future.

Offensively we had better movement of man and ball, faster tempo and more team play. Defensively BS defense and rotation worked much better than in previous games.

If we can take those good things into Friday night´s game then we Solna Vikings will have a better chance of ending up with a win.

Jämtland is an interesting opponent. Team consists of many young players that have a Solna Viking or Stockholm background.

Most familiar player for us is Jesper Eliasson who played for Solna Vikings last year. Jesper is a player that always goes hard and does those small things right that effect hugely on the teams play. Things that are not always seen in stats. Jesper is a good P&R player, cuts and moves with-out the ball well and has very good offensive rebounding skills. Will be interesting to see how Jesper plays in front of his old home crowd.

Niklas Larsson ex Solna Viking has been receiving good minutes for Jämtland. Larsson goes for 1 on 1 plays and has a good touch from midrange. Intelligent and good young player.

Mattias Markusson is a talent with “some” size. Markusson stands 216cm high and has showed much improvement this year. After last year playing in Alvik he has gradually kept getting more minutes in the baskeligan and has proven his worthy for the minutes. Markusson scores from offensive rebounds, low post play, P&R and has a good soft touch from midrange. Interesting to see how he develops his game in the next few years.

These young players with the guided experience of “Dee” Ayuba, American imports Dwayne Mitchell and Trevor Gruis are a squad to be recognized.

Ayuba plays hard inside the 3 second area and is a good 1 on 1 player from the top of the key. Ayuba goes to offensive rebounds and will not give up.

Trevor Gruis has an excellent midrange shot. Gruis bangs inside and really wants the offensive rebounds! Also he looks to run in transition offense and likes to finish with aggressive dunks.

Mitchell is Jämtlands go to player. He has an excellent 3p shot. From the wing position. Mitchell is shooting over 60% behind the 3p range (7/11)!!!!! Mitchell has also a good 1 on 1 play that he combines with physical strength and smoothness. Very important for the Vikings to stop.

Johan Rönströn and Andreas Karlsson are the sharp shooters on the team. Karlsson is having a great season this year and has successfully been scoring from 3p range (41.9%). Rönström gets close with a 40.7% shooting from behind the 3p range.

A lot of strengths for the Jämtland team, but Solna are aware of these and look forward to stopping their efforts!

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Solna Vikings

Skribent: Solna Vikings
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