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Solna Vikings – LF 68 – 83

27 JAN 2015 23:01
Efter LF hemma.
  • Skapad: 27 JAN 2015 23:01

Solna loses at home after disapointing second half of basketball.

Defensively it was hard to find the right match-ups and LF proved to be as hard as expected. Touch assignment for our big guys to play against perimeter players. LF has good spacing in their play and also individuals with good offensive 1 on 1 skills. Tonight they used this part of the game with high effectiveness.

In the second half Sigurdur Thorsteinsson received his 5th foul which took Solna Vikings game off balance.

Miguel Montañana had to play too many minutes and had to fight for every possession he got. Montañana had a good game offensively.

Right now Vikings are struggling offensively. Offense is a thing that needs to be worked on. Tomorrow and Thursday minds are set on the offensive end.

Missing Alex Linqvist from the games has a negative affect in the rotation and roles. But until Vikings get him back we need to find a way to get our offense into better flow.

Better results will come.

Blue and Yellow

Solna Vikings

Skribent: Solna Vikings
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