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Solna Vikings 2014-15

Solna meets Uppsala at home

02 FEB 2015 20:42
Uppsala arrive to Solnahallen packed with experience, skill, size and physical toughness. Uppsala are one of the biggest favorites off the season.
  • Skapad: 02 FEB 2015 20:42

In the PG position Uppsala have three options to use. Players TJ Jackson, Mannos Nakos and Rikhard Eriksson all are players that any team would like to have in their roster. All these players can score and at the same time will find the “open” man if necessary.

SG´s and SF´s Anton Gaddefors, Axel Nordström and Johan Jeansson all can score in many ways. All can shoot the 3p with great accuracy, attack the basket “above the rim” and still make the extra pass if needed.

PF´s and C´s Odin Lindell, Nnamaka, Burke and Brice Massamba all play physical basketball. Lindell and Massamba are scores´s closer to the basket. Burke and Nnamaka also are good scorers from inside, but both can stretch all the way behind the 3p range.

These names plus the ability for all of them to play as a team make Uppsala a really hard team to beat.

Solna Vikings will take the challenge with good confidence. Tomorrow will show which players are able to suit up for the interesting home game in Solnahallen.

Yellow and Blue

Solna Vikings

Skribent: Solna Vikings
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