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Alan Dunton

Where do you work today?

“I am lecturer in Coaching Science & Sports Pedagogy at the Munster Technological University Cork (MTU Cork), and Skill Acquisition Consultant across a range of sports.”

Coaching/Basketball experience?

“I was Head of Strength & Conditioning / Performance Coach for the Irish Senior Women Basketball Team from 2019 – 2022”

What do you see as most important part of skill acquisition/player development?

“For me, the most important aspect of any facet of sport is to be a coach that puts the person first, and athlete second. Once you have done that, Create Adaptable Problem Solvers! Design learning environments that promote the need to problem solve with sufficient trial and error in context.”

Thoughts on the upcoming clinic?

“I’m really looking forward to the upcoming clinic, especially after meeting Andrew and Rikard at the recent Motor Skills Conference in Finland. I’m very passionate about Skill Acquisition and Coaching Science, so getting the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and experiences, as well as learn from everyone at the clinic, is something that excites me.”

Anything else that is good to know or that you want to share?

“A key part of any conference or clinic is the information you can take from it and implement in your own setting. I encourage people to ask challenging questions that apply to their context. I won’t always have the right answer, but I will definitely work through it with you.”

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