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Alex Sarama

Current Occupation?

“I wear many hats! I work as Player Improvement Coordinator at Paris Basketball in the EuroCup. My role is a mixture between remote and in-person duties. I then direct the College Prep program in Borgomanero, Italy, while also running Basketball Immersion with Chris Oliver. Through Immersion, I deliver consulting programs to NCAA and NBA teams, while helping spread evidence-based coaching ideas to countries and federations all over the world.”

Most important part of skill acquisition/player development?

“I consider the most important part of player development as being the need for coaches to have a solid theory as to how learning occurs and what constitutes skilful behaviour. With a solid theory, what rationale do coaches have for how they operate? We’re simply leaving coaching up to luck, latest trends and an “always done it this way approach.” I’ll be sharing my latest ideas and research in terms of practical ideas for using the CLA in-action.”

Thoughts on upcoming clinic?

“I always love working with Sweden Basketball, and can’t wait to return for what will be my 15th trip in Sweden! I’m always glad to re-connect with Swedish coaches and seeing the progress being made within the basketball coaching space.”

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