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Frequently Asked Questions

What language will the clinic be in?

As there will also be participants from outside Sweden. The whole clinic will be in English.

Do I need to attend the whole clinic?

No, you can choose to attend only one of the days. However, the registration fee is the same whether you attend one or two days.

I don’t live near Södertälje and need accommodation, is this anything you can help with?

Yes, Södertälje Basketbollklubb has a favourable deal that gives you a discount on hotel rooms if you book via this link. For questions about accommodation contact contact Erik Lindell (

Where is Södertälje located?

Södertälje is approximately 30 minutes by car from Stockholm C. The clinic will be in Täljehallen, Rektorsvägen 2, 152 40 Södertälje.

How do I get to Södertälje from Stockholm C without a car?

You take the commuter train from Stockholm C towards Södertälje and get off at Östertälje, from there there are buses that stop near the arena. Alternatively, take the commuter train from Stockholm C towards Södertälje and get off at Södertälje C and walk about 20 minutes. You can easily search your journey via

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Contact Rikard Aspegren ( or Andrew Pleick (

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