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Joe Boylan

Current Occupation:
Director of Player Development and Assistant Coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA.

Coaching Experience:  

  • Director of Player Development/Assistant Coach for the New Orleans Pelicans 2018-2020
  • Player Development Coach for Memphis Grizzlies 2019
  • Associate Head Coach for Iowa Energy 2018
  • Player Development Coach for Memphis Grizzlies 2017
  • Assistant Coach for Grand Rapids Drive 2016
  • Video Coordinator/Player Development for Golden State Warriors 2012-2015
  • Video Intern, Boston Celtics 2011
  • Player Development, Attack Athletics 2008-2010

Most important part of skill acquisition/player development?

“Creating an environment where competition is commonplace, and players can discover a variety of solutions instead of trying to practice finding one rigid solution.”

Thoughts on upcoming clinic?

“I’m extremely excited to visit Sweden for the first time and be around other innovative coaches and sports scientists who I can learn from. Diversity of perspective is essential in my own growth, and being in the NBA can become an echo chamber of the way it’s always been done. Some of my most insightful conversations have come from people in departments outside of coaching.”

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