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Kenny Grant

Where do you work today?

“I’m head coach at Denain Voltaire Basket in proB France.”

Coaching/Basketball experience?
“Before starting my coaching career in 2018, I was a professional basketball player. I graduated from Davidson College in 2006 and played most of my career in France, and for the Swedish national team. After playing, I started as an assistant coach at Antibes in proA France, then was the a Espoirs (u21) coach at Monaco for 2 season. During those first 3 seasons, I was also ast coach of the Swedish national team under Hugo Lopez. Last season I was the head coach at Avignon in NM1 France. This season, I started off as ast coach then took over the head coaching job mid season for Denain.”

What do you see as most important part of skill acquisition/player development?

“It’s hard for me to say one is more important than the other, but resiliency, commitment, care, and hard work are key components to player development.”

Thoughts on the upcoming clinic?

“I am looking forward to sharing and exchanging personal experiences while getting to know more coaches.”

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