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Patrik Johansen

Where do you work today?

“Working at Drillo with player and coach development, facilitator at Svenska Basketbollförbundet and RF/Sisu, working with schools to create environments that foster physical literacy and creativity through movement and I am also non-profit coaching of kids.”

Coaching/Basketball experience?

27 seasons as a coach helping players of all ages – from younger ages all the way up to the professional level. “

What do you see as most important part of skill acquisition/player development?

“At Drillo we want to create good problem solvers by having players explore different situations and environments. As coaches and trainers this means sometimes throwing players in the deep end of the pool to see what functional solutions emerge. However, what might be neglected is the person performing and their mindset towards the struggle, so in the clinic we will present ideas on incorporating behavioral design/nudging. “

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